Selected Bibliography of United States Catholic Printed and Digital Resources

We are pleased to share with you “A Selected Bibliography of United States Catholic Printed and Digital Resources.” While not exhaustive, this tool provides lists of

· Basic reference tools such as Catholic encyclopedias and periodical and literature indexes

· Books and articles focusing on the accomplishments of Catholic religious women and men in the United States

· Links to other Catholic research resources online

It is a starting point for those who wish to gain a broader understanding of the impact of religious communities on the development of the United States.

Underpinning these resources are the Catholic religious communities and archivists who generously shared their collections. The fruits of scholarly research not only help contextualize specific archival collections in the broader narrative of United States history, but also bring awareness of the collections to a larger audience.

We hope that our Canadian colleagues create a similar resource that will help provide a broader North American perspective to Catholic scholarly accomplishments and available reference materials.

In the future we hope to share an annotated bibliography of archival education books, articles, and digital resources to assist those struggling to find valuable instructional materials.

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Malachy McCarthy serves as the Province Archivist for the Claretian Missionaries Archives USA-CANADA in Chicago, Illinois. Active with the preservation of Catholic religious archives, he has worked with religious archivists for the past twenty-five years.