Working Groups

Launching or Improving an Archives

This Working Group is charged with identifying the critical components necessary for communities interested in creating professional archives or improving their current archival operation. It will develop guidelines, best practices and tools for religious leaders and archivists of Catholic collections including methods for self-evaluating and how to successfully get assistance from the archives community.

Educational Resources

This Working Group will evaluate the state of current archival education opportunities through the lens of how they meet or fall short of the specific needs within the Catholic archives community. It will not only curate a list of educational offerings it deems beneficial to the community, but also imagine and help develop new trainings to fill the most critical gaps.

Repository Coordination and Planning

This Working Group will explore the many facets of collaboration as a way of ensuring long-term preservation for Catholic collections, especially those most at risk today. This includes developing guidance and best practices for implementing charism or regional collaborations or partnerships between academic institutions and individual communities. Areas of consideration include defining responsibilities for shared or deposited collections, financial support, descriptive standards, and privacy and access concerns.

Raising Visibility

This Working Group’s core purpose is elevating the visibility of Catholic archives in the United States and Canada. The work begins with compiling a comprehensive list of Catholic archives/collections. This online resource will be hosted on ARCC’s website. The Group will then turn to developing creative ways of publicizing Catholic collections, the work of scholars using those collections and the work of archivists supporting both.

ARCC Sustainability and Gatherings

Members of this Working Group will help the Steering Committee develop a sound plan for ARCC’s ongoing administration and sustainability as a member-driven, responsive organization. They will also explore possibilities for future member meetings.

We’re sure your experience and interest fits at least one of these Working Groups. Please join today by emailing your interest to the ARCC Steering Committee Coordinator, Malachy McCarthy, at

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